A Message of Hope

A Message of Hope for those who are concerned or worried or scared about the direction of our country and the world.

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Burn the Fruit of the Forbidden Tree

Ramadan is the month when many Muslims practice fasting from sunrise to sunset. But what exactly does restraining ourselves from eating food have to do with our devotion to God? Let’s explore this through a few stories. There is a tradition in myth and fairy stories — well-known to the fairies but less known to their human visitors — that says, “Never eat the food of the fairy world because it will trap you there and keep you from going back home.

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What You're Looking For, You Already Are

There is something we all want. There is something we are all looking for: A piece of bread, a quiet room, a pair of jeans made just for us. Fingers intertwined, an old song, soft touches in the night. These things come. And these things go. And now we’re looking again, wanting, wanting… We don’t have the words for how much…this wanting. Our hands are not the hands of a child anymore.

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