You Can't Create the Future by Cursing the Past

Every unpleasant thing that has happened to you—the broken heart, the shattered dream, the crushed expectation, the lost cause, the missed opportunity—has not happened to you because you deserved it.

It has not happened to you because you needed to learn certain lessons from the pain and suffering of it.

It has happened to you because you live in the mix, in the middle of all things, in the convergence of multiple forces pulling in different directions.

If it gave you joy, then the convergence was fortunate.

If it gave you misery, then the convergence was unfortunate.

Neither of these things are personal—as much as we might wish they were.

Your physical, mental, and emotional life is designed to cycle between the up and down, the high and low, the joy and misery.

Be thankful in the joy.

Be patient in the misery.

It is not personal. It is happening by design. To everyone. Everywhere. All the time. Even the prophets and the wise women of all the ages.

If you look back on your life and see only misery, then you have selectively chosen those moments in time when the convergence didn’t happen in your favor. This brings up sadness, disappointment, even anger. The missed opportunities haunt you and taunt you. You mourn them and you despise them. You learn to curse the past.

“I didn’t have that when I was growing up.”

“I never got to experience that.”

“I regret doing that.”

“Why did this happen?”

It is not possible for you to experience every major and minor joy there is to experience in life. There is always going to be something missing. A single life can only contain so much. Nobody experiences everything. This is not a failure. This is a chance to focus on the experiences you are being given and go deeper into them.

It doesn’t matter how you got your foot in the door of this life. It doesn’t matter how you crash-landed on this earth.

What matters is that you are here now.

You are powerful.

You are creative.

So ask yourself:

“What do I want to do today and tomorrow?”

“What foundations am I standing on today?”

“What do I want to create for tomorrow?”

As you answer these questions, you have to also ask: am I creating a future to make up for the past? Or am I creating a future that is free of the past?

In other words, am I doing things today just because I didn’t get to do them in the past? Or am I doing things today because they are important for today and tomorrow?

This requires you to detach from time and circumstances as crucial factors in your decisions.

You can’t create the future by cursing the past. You can either create or you can curse. You can’t do both.

You also can’t create the future just to fill the holes of the past.

The past has already happened. Its time in the spotlight is over. There is no rewind button. When you ask the future to recreate the past, you put limits on the future and you limit yourself to the past.

So don’t curse the past. Bless it and let it go. As often as you need to, speak a blessing over it to help you let it go.

And know:

You are not your past. You never were. And you never will be.

You are not your present either.

You are also not your future.

Then what do you have left?

Your timeless nature.

The only future worth creating is one that serves the truths of your timeless nature, not the failures or successes of your past. A future based on those truths serves the real needs of the world and all of its people and all of its creatures.

Your timeless nature releases you from always having to remedy a past that can’t be remedied. It takes you deeper than the present will allow. And it frees you to create a future that has never been before.

It doesn’t matter that you didn’t get everything you wanted from the past.

You don’t have to collect every color to paint your painting.

You don’t have to capture every sound to play your music.

You don’t have to learn every language to speak your truth.

You don’t have to experience every experience to live your life beautifully.

You don’t have everything because you don’t need everything.

But you do have everything you need:

To be who you are made to be.

To receive what you are made to receive.

To give what you are made to give.

This is your work. This is your art. This is your life.

And that is why you are more than enough.

You are more than enough for the past, the present, and the future.

You are more than enough for the rain and the wind and the soil.

You are more than enough for God and the angels and the prophets and the wise women of all the ages.

You are more than enough for the world you find yourself in.

You are more than enough for the work that is ahead of you.

You are more than enough for the art that is waiting to be born through you.

You are more than enough.

Good, beautiful, forever: you.

So what are you going to create?

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