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My Ramadan Journal

My Ramadan Journal

Want to slow down this Ramadan and help you and your kids reflect on what you’re doing and learning each day?


My Ramadan Journal

A journal for writing and reflecting your way through Ramadan for kids and kids at heart.

Buy one for each family member and write in your journals together as a family.

Ramadan is a month for striving to come closer to Allah. It’s a month where we make an extra effort. We do more than what we’ve been doing. We pray more often. We pray more deeply. We serve others more often. We serve them more deeply. Some fast. Some feed the hungry. We do more this month to be devoted Muslims and helpful human beings.

As we do all this, we may not always take into account what we’re thinking and feeling. We may be rushing from one thing to another day after day because there is so much to do. We don’t check in with ourselves.

This journal asks us to stop and reflect on our thoughts and feelings. It asks us to record and remember what is going on in our minds and hearts. This helps us to go through the days of Ramadan intentionally and deliberately.

This helps us to stay centered, enjoy the month more, and make small adjustments where we need to for everyone’s benefit, including ours. So use this journal to write down your thoughts and feelings in whatever way you like. Write like you are telling your friend about your day.

May Allah bless you and your family with a beautiful Ramadan. Ameen.