Artist’s Prayer

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Photo by Alex Shutin on Unsplash

In the name of Allah,
Being of all beings,
Artist of all artists,
Teacher of all teachers,
Lord of all the worlds,
The Caring, the Compassionate,
God above all else,
Friend like no other—
I offer this humble work
In service, friendship, and love for you,
And I ask in the names
Of the high ambassadors of God—
Muhammad and Ali, Mary and Fatima,
Moses and Shekinah, Jesus and the Holy Spirit,
Peace be upon them all—
That this work may help the people of God
Remember that they are the people of God—
Yet only with your will and blessing upon it.
Thank you, Allah, for making me
What you have made me.
Thank you, Allah, for giving me
What you have given me.
Thank you, Allah, for helping me to give
What you have given me to give.
All greatness, all glory, and all praise belong to you.
Here I am, Allah,
At your service,
Here I am.