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Remember Who You Are


Remember Who You Are

28 Spiritual Verses from the Holy Quran to Help You Discover Your True Identity, Purpose, and Nourishment in God

(for Muslims, Christians, Jews, and all seekers of knowledge)

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What Is Spirituality? Why Does It Matter?

What Can Spirituality Do For You?

When Life…


gets heavy helps you get stronger
puts obstacles in your way helps you move around them like water
makes you feel down helps you appreciate your worth
knocks you down helps you get back on your feet
feels hard helps you be more patient
makes your head spin helps you find your center
makes you scared helps you find your courage
makes you confused helps you get clear about your choices
becomes too much helps you rise to a higher altitude
distracts you helps you get back on track
deceives you helps you return to the truth
makes you forget yourself helps you remember who you are
Meet The Author

Rahim Snow

Rahim Snow

RAHIM SNOW has made a lifelong commitment to teaching, coaching, and supporting you on your spiritual journey.

He is an author, a teacher, a designer, a storyteller, a scholar, a bridge-builder, and a multimedia publisher. 

He has pursued Islamic Studies in London at the Institute of Ismaili Studies and has received his Master’s degree in Religion from the University of Oxford.

He has been digging deep into the mountain caves of religion, spirituality, mythology, and psychology for 35 years.

His goal has always been to dig out those hidden treasures of knowledge and wisdom from Islam and other world religions and weave them into a practical spirituality that actually helps you in your daily life.

His first book, Remember Who You Are, is the book of his heart. It is the book he always wanted to read and study and internalize. No one had written it yet, so he decided to write it himself.

Reviews For Remember Who You Are

What The Scholars Are Saying

This book is a beautiful gift to the world. It invites us to receive gifts from Rahim’s rich tradition of Islam, translated through his humane spirit and human experience. These gifts are offered without coercion of any kind. This book models the kind of spiritual generosity that, literally, can save the world. Each reading will fill you up and enrich your daily life.

Brian McLaren, author of We Make The Road By Walking and The Great Spiritual Migration

Rahim Snow’s collection of deeply personal, heartfelt meditations on 28 key verses of the Qur’an is a remarkably accessible and practical introduction to the ways that the everyday ‘practice’ of living and praying the Qur’an can profoundly inform and awaken each facet of our spiritual lives.

James W. Morris, Professor of Islamic Studies, author of The Reflective Heart: Discovering Spiritual Intelligence in Ibn ‘Arabi’s Meccan Illuminations

Rahim Snow has written an inspiring and spiritually uplifting book about our collective humanity. Snow highlights the mercy and compassion of the Islamic tradition in a way that will capture the heart and mind of people regardless of religious beliefs or backgrounds. His love for knowledge and universalism are impressive. In light of these turbulent times, this book serves as an antidote to the poisons of apathy and intolerance.

Dr. Craig Considine, author of Islam, Race, and Pluralism in the Pakistani Diaspora

This is a timely book, illuminating the essential message of the Quran. Rahim Snow writes in accessible language, drawing out the spiritual wisdom at the heart of Islam for all truth seekers and offering practical advice on how to live a good life.

Marianne Rankin, author of An Introduction to Religious and Spiritual Experience


You are a being from God.
You are good and beautiful. You are forever.
Remember who you are.

Rahim Snow, Remember Who You Are

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