About Rahim Snow

Rahim Snow

RAHIM SNOW has made a lifelong commitment to teaching, coaching, and supporting you on your spiritual journey.

He is an author, a teacher, a designer, a storyteller, a scholar, a bridge-builder, a multimedia publisher, and a podcast host.

He has been digging deep into the mountain caves of religion, spirituality, mythology, and psychology for 35 years.

His goal has always been to dig out those hidden treasures of knowledge and wisdom from Islam and other world religions and weave them into a practical spirituality that actually helps you in your daily life.

His first book, Remember Who You Are, is the book of his heart. It is the book he always wanted to read and study and internalize. No one had written it yet, so he decided to write it himself.

Do you want to discover the truth, goodness, and beauty of your own being?

Read my first book to get started.


Remember Who You Are

28 Spiritual Verses from the Holy Quran to Help You Discover Your True Identity, Purpose, and Nourishment in God

(for Muslims, Christians, Jews, and all seekers of knowledge)

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You are a being from Allah (God). You are good
and beautiful. You are forever.
Remember who you are.

Rahim Snow